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Eleni Markopoulioti – A review of Mirror Images

Posted on June 1, 2012 by 

Mirror Images: A salon in the West End

Wednesday 9th of May saw the opening of a new series of works by decorative artist Helen O’ Keefe at the private apartment of art advisor Sandra Higgins. Sandra Higgins has been active in the art world for the past twenty years, both as an art consultant and as a curator, and is a founding member of the association of women art dealers. The present exhibition, Mirror Images, is part of her petite gallery series that showcases work in her private residence.

Unlike most openings I go to this reception had a very different feel to it: it felt like a salon. People were energetically discussing about art&culture and the artworks displayed in the beautiful drawing room; while sipping champagne and eating some amazing salmon. This is the old school way of hosting art openings – I am hoping for a comeback – and based on all the art books I have read I was hoping for Manet to pop through the door. Manet unfortunately wasn’t there, however, the artist Helen O’Keefe was present, discussing her new work, as well as prominent art writers, art buyers, and art brokers.

Helen O’Keefe is an Australian born British artist that has been exploring the use of plexiglass and mirrors in this new body of work. She plays with reflections and illusions created by the distinct 3D effect of the media she employs. Her works have a  romantic and decorative quality manifested through  her striking colour palette. In the artist’s own words: ‘Colour is my life…I’m greatly influenced by the wonderful colours found in India, in all aspects of life – rich but subtle colours in off-beat combinations are around every corner. Patterns on printed fabrics, embroidery, and beading from all corners of the world also fascinate me. In my work, I layer colour, pattern, and reflective materials such as metal foils, mirror and glass, to create rich, glowing images.’ Apart from the ornate plexiglass boxes O’Keefe has also painted the glass windows of the art advisor’s drawing room evoking mysteries from Venice.

The works are on view by appointment until June 13th. For further details and future exhibitions held by Sandra Higgins please visit Ms. Higgins is also curating the exhibition In the Rings with Ali at Smokehouse Gallery, which celebrates the career of Muhhamad Ali and coincides with his 70th birthday and the London Olympics.

-Eleni Markopoulioti