Getting ready for the Diamond Jubilee!!!!

by shartadvisor

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN is a group show organised and curated by Karine Giannamore of La Galerie London.  This exhibition is to celebrate the special date of the Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, La Galerie London has commissioned new works inspired by her image, her life or symbolic and royal objects.  La Galerie London is also showing Helen O’Keefe’s work titled, “Where I Live” tomorrow!  Come by to the pop up exhibition located at The Hollywood Gallery for some Diamond Jubilee Celebration Drinks from 6-9!

Hollywood Gallery: 12 Hollywood Road, London SW10 9HY (off Fulham Road)


Helen O’Keefe: “Where I Live”

Helen O’Keefe: “Where I Live” close up

Here is La Galerie London’s post on Helen O’Keefe: Helen O’Keefe is another artists whose works are dominated by colour.  Originally from Australia and based in London for many years, Helen O’Keefe originally worked with painting silk fabrics for designer collections (Fortnum and Mason, Harrods), painting murals and was commissioned to paint both “themed” shop windows – many for The Cross in London – and also pictures.  The artwork presented here in the exhibition is part of her new and original method of painting which she recently developed by painting on glass.  This has led to intriguing and absorbing possibilities, and seems to reflect the kaleidoscopic elements in life.  Following this idea, Helen O’Keefe will present a unique work which celebrates the vibrant and unique life of the monarch with elements of british society and its history as a background.  This is a perfect Diamond Jubilee artwork.