RICHARD WALKER to exhibit at Watercolour and Works on Paper Fair

by shartadvisor

SANDRA HIGGINS FINE ART will be exhibiting the work of RICHARD WALKER at the Watercolour and Works on Paper Fair, 3-6 Feb., Science Museum, London,
Stand D2, in collaboration with the Association of Women Art Dealers.
Illustrated is monoprint, ‘Dreambook #18’. For further information contact: and

Speaking about his work Richard says:

Over the last few months I have been working on a series of
monoprints in my studio…
a return to a very basic process, as a conscious reaction to my
images becoming increasingly
computer-generated. I have used collage also in a fairly crude form,
in a way that takes me
back to my college days. There are examples of 2 sets of prints
represented here: the ‘Dreambook’
series based on reworking the pages of a novel…a continuation of
what Tom Philips did with ‘A Humument’
and ‘Lush Life’ a series based on ‘french curves’ and using the
flowing forms of ‘The Fontainebleau’
hotel in Miami Beach.

Richard Walker 2011