Janet Stayton exhibits at Watercolour and Works on Paper Fair

by shartadvisor

SANDRA HIGGINS FINE ART will be exhibiting the work of 

'Red Statue'

JANET STAYTON at the Watercolour and Works on Paper Fair, Feb. 3-6, Science Museum, London, Stand D2, in collaboration with the Association of Women Art Dealers.
For further information contact sandra@sandrahiggins.com
Illustrated above is ‘Red Statue’. www.janetstayton.com

Statement from the artist:

New Works on Paper 2010 – 2011
My works illustrate fragments from life – numbers, words, phrases and idyllic vignettes from nature. Paintings within paintings – frames within frames, classical references as to architecture and arcadian views updated – all encased in contemporary visual language. Each image may represent a word, each word an image, the whole explicates the parts thereof. I may be inspired by something I see, or read, or by an idea. It may be a visual idea or schema or it may be a color or image. Sometimes I feel a color shining behind my eyes ready to illuminate a painting – providing a stimulus to enter the work. I may be inspired by a subway wall painting ot a great masterpiece in a museum – artists inspect and assimilate the art of others – a kind of passive robbery…no work is new…under the sun…
I work with mixed media – watercolor, pastels, colored pencils, pen and ink- my works on paper. I make multi-imaged works – could be 10 to 15 vignettes in each work, held together by the idea of the whole of the work. I stop the painting at the moment the painting breathes for itself. At this point the artist must just step back and trust the painting.
Janet Stayton Pietrasanta, Italy