A Celebration of Style: Cool London Through the Photographer’s Lens

by shartadvisor

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For Immediate Release:

Announcing a Private Evening Reception to meet the iconic photographers of the exhibition,

A Celebration of Style: Cool London Through the Photographer’s Lens, and the internationally renowned Bespoke Tailor of Soho, Mark Powell, in his newly opened art salon/gallery on the lower level of his shop at 2 Marshall Street, London W1.

The evening will be an animated and extemporary conversation between the photographers, sharing the stories and anecdotes surrounding the photographs featured in the exhibition and teasing out some of the personal and professional connections they have with Mark Powell, which have been forged over the past 20 years as a result of the merging between the worlds of art, fashion and design. The photographers include: Derrick Santini, Lily Allen; John Stoddart, Pierce Brosnan; Barry Lategan,Twiggy and Iain McKell, Kate Moss . Each will provide an insight into the art of capturing their models in what can truly be called some of the most stylish and legendary poses taken of these celebrities. Their recollections and photographs encapsulate ‘Cool London’ at its best.

The evening will be introduced by the Curator of the exhibition Sandra Higgins.

Thursday, July 15th, 2010.

7:00 to 8:30pm with the talks commencing at 7:15pm

Mark Powell, 2 Marshall Street, London W1F 9BA

Lily Allen by Derrick Santini
‘Lily Allen’ By Derrick Santini
Pierce Brosnan by John Stoddart

Pierce Brosnan by John Stoddart

'Twiggy' by Barry Lategan

'Twiggy' by Barry Lategan

'Kate Moss' by Iain McKell

'Kate Moss' by Iain McKell